The birth of 12 Oz Sports

I’ll admit, I didn’t really aspire to run a website that will probably not make a dime and consume tons of my time (nice rhyme). However, this all started with aspirations to build some global, really amazing golf tour where average (or below) golfers can feel like they’re pros.

Of course, I didn’t count the fact that every golfer, the bad ones and decent too, just wanna play and move on. So as that was a struggle to get off the ground, I also started a podcast. Just to back up a minute, the golf tour is called the Quantum Golf Tour. We’re still going to run the Golf Tour, but with a different wrinkle. You’ll need to add the 18Birdies app to your phone, keep score while you play, then submit your score via email during that month’s competition.







The podcast is fun and addicting. And in the process, I did an episode where some of my closest friends joined me and we drank the spirits prior to recording. We named it “drinking with buddies” and took off like fire. Tons of listeners later, and my exhaustion to try and start a golf tour, my friends and I decided a few things. First, we love to drink – responsibly I should add. None of us have had a DUI or any problems. We’re fun, social drinkers that clown around and joke. Secondly, we love sports. It consumes us from the major sports, down to fringe sports. Lastly, podcasting has grabbed our attention and interest. We can’t get enough of it.

I use garageband on my MAC to record, and I just bought a new, professional microphone. So check us out, have some laughs, drink some brews and feel free to contribute, or just listen. Our site will continue to evolve, and will always be centered around sports. Hopefully what’s different is a bunch of fellas slamming beers will be running this, so it should be entertaining.

And if you golf, please join the Tour!!



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